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Study of the "Head Direction signal" circuit between 3 Brain regions
Using principal component analysis (PCA), I will compare the intrinsec properties of the Presubiculum (PreS) layer 3 neurons regarding the origin of their inputs whether anterior thalamis nuclei (ATN) or retrosplenialcortex RSC, and investigate whether PreS layer 3 receive convergent inputs from ATN and RSC. (image source : Allen Institute for Brain Science)
Cassandralgea makerlab project
The main purpose was to study the effects of different colors on Chlamydomonas behavior
Thematic Workshop: Thinking Fair - Climate, Justice & Inclusion
Come on in and co-create new ways of talking & learning about the interwoven topics climate, justice and inclusion
Neurosciences internship at Fer à Moulin Institute : an interdisciplinary project around epilepsy disease
Fdv L3 internship : Using a multiscale approach to explore the implication of chloride/cations cotransporter (NKCC1) on the polarity of GABAreceptors, which is a key factor in epilepsy disease. Experiments are in vitro on hyppocampal neurons. 2 distincts approchs will be used to this aim. 1- Molecular approach : using Single Particle Tracking. 2-Electrophysiological approach: using Patch Clamp recording.