Nicolas Senecaut
Alumni Licence FdV - Promo Lithium - FIRE PhD student
Dr Nicolas Sénécaut was a PhD student @FIRE-FDV, and he is developing a new method for the isotopic labeling of proteins that can be used for their analysis by Mass Spectrometry. With the double hat of being bioinformatician and biologist, he doesn't hesitate to put on his lab coat to validate his theoretical hypothesis. Although he lives in Paris, but as soon as he can, he returns to Brittany to find the sea and the fish.
Nicolas's Bio

Alumni Licence FDV - Alumni Master AIV - Alumni FIRE Doctoral School

Thesis Subject :

"New quantification approaches of proteome variations at the intact proteins level : experimental and computational analyses of pathological conditions in human"

Institut Jacques Monod / CNRS

Thesis Director : Jean-Michel Camadro

Thesis Co-director : Gaëlle Lelandais

Biology (Biochemistry) and bioinformatics (C++)

During Licence FDV

Projects :

- Creation of scientific tools (Drone, robotic micro-manipulator)

- Biosensors: 4 successive group projects on the comparison between biological sensors and electronic sensors

- Summer 2015: Harvard Summer Program "The Biopolis"

Third year:

-Semester 5 in Biology-Medical at Science for Health (P5 Descartes)

-6 months internship in the start-up Glowee

-Creation of lighting from bioluminescent bacteria

During AIV Master

M2 3 internships of 3 months :

  • Institut jacques Monod/CNRS
  • National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA)
  • National Center for Biotechnology Information (NLM)

During PhD

Frontiers of Innovation in Research and Education - Frontier of the living :

Development of a new method for labeling proteins in mass spectrometry


Looking for opportunity in analytical biochemistry, systems biology and computational biology
Nouvelle stratégie d'étude des conditions pathologiques chez l'homme
Méthodes de calcul pour une nouvelle stratégie de marquage métabolique des isotopes afin d'aborder la dynamique des variations du protéome in vivo
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