Virginie Chomier
Pedagogical Coordinator L2/L3 - International relations officer
Virginie's Bio

I am the pedagogical coordinator and international relations officer of FdV Bachelor since May 2014. After graduating in Linguistics and Chinese studies, I worked in education cooperation at the French Embassy in Beijing, China, during four years.

My main role at CRI is to ensure the coordination of the undergraduate program by providing pedagogical support and guidance to students and teachers, collaborating with other departments and partner institutions of Université de Paris, and contributing to the international development of the program.

[L3 internship] Biomedicine agency - Ilona BUSSOD
Carrying out a bibliographical synthesis on genome editing techniques applied to germ cells
[Movie] Tackling maths from a different angle
Value CRI genuine pedagogical methods - Disseminate Project-based Learning
L3 Internship : In vitro evolutionary selection of aptamers specific to the DDX3 helicase.
Find a synthetic RNA that allows the solubilization of the DDX3 protein with its N-ter and C-ter ends.
L3 internship - Segmentation and morphological characterization of cytoplasmic connections between granule cells in a mouse cerebellar cortex using serial sectioning scanning electron microscopy images.
Search for 'tunneling nanotubes' TNTs in the brain using a connectomic approach. (image : Cell . 2015 Jul 30;162(3):648-61. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2015.06.054.)