Juliette Bellengier
Student - FDV Bachelor
M2 Student in the AIRE master Life Sciences track.
Juliette's Bio

Master AIRE Life Sciences 1

(Re)thinking science in our society ?
Thematic Workshop organized by a group of students from PhD FIRE doctoral school and AIRE M2
Plant Health, Citizen Science Projects
Science for a Greener Planet
Sleeping quality: an exploration of student’s experience during the lockdown
Evaluate the impact of lockdown and related parameters on students’ sleeping quality.
defi chimie : acetate de sodium
réalisation de deux TP de chimie de 2 heures pour des etudiants de licence 1 par des etudiants de licence 2
L3 Internship at Pasteur Institute - Juliette Bellengier
Controlling gene expression with CRISPR-dCas9 in bacteria