Roberto Toro
Long term fellow
I studied engineering in Chile (BSc, PEng), and then moved to France to study cognitive sciences and neuroscience (MSc, PhD). The most simple things in life have this wicked love for hiding. Being able to see a cloud, listen to music, feel the rain, we take all that for granted. But the ability to feel, to perceive, to be, hide such incredible complexity. I would like to be able to keep all this in mind, and try to understand it a bit better.
Roberto's Bio

I am interested in the development and evolution of the brain. I use MRI, genetics and mathematical models to study the diversity in brain anatomy in large datasets of genetic and brain imaging data from the general population as well as in patients with neurodevelopmental disorders, in particular autism spectrum disorder. At the CRI my project is to develop a platform allowing citizens and researchers to work together, creatively, to collect, share and analyse their own data.

A platform for collective citizen science
A platform for collective citizen science