Margaux Bieuville
Alumni Licence FdV - Promo Beryllium - FIRE PhD student - Evolutionary Medicine Teacher in Licence
Avid learner, curious of everything, convinced that interdisciplinarity is essential to tackle old problems
Margaux's Bio

During the FdV Bachelor :

Interests : evolution, medicine

I entered the Frontiers in Life Sciences Bachelor during my second year :

L2: open course in evolutionary medicine

L3 : 

  • Exchange semester : Leicester University (UK), physics, evolutionary biology, human genetics and comparative neurobiology
  • Research project: Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle, Paris, genes of interest in gliomas  

After the Bachelor

Master MEME Erasmus Mundus in evolutionary biology and ecology:

  • M1S1: Uppsala University
  • M2S2: LMU Munich
  • Research project M1: ENS Paris, diversification models for micro-organism phylogenies
  • Research project M2S1: IRD Montpellier, Breast cancer and evolutionary mismatch
  • Research project: MNHN Paris, Modelling of mutation accumulation in cell populations and consequences of cellular senescence when tissues are spatially-structured by cell lineages.


2nd year of my PhD, investigating the evolutionary relationship between aging and cancer at the Musée de l'Homme, in Paris. During this PhD, we will use several approaches to understand why the observed epidemiological patterns of cancer incidence don't match what's expected from theoretical models.

When I'm not getting passionate about science and science-related stuff, I like walking, diving, boxing and music...

Damage accumulation in cell populations : consequences for actuarial senescence and cancer
PhD project : investigate the evolutionary relationship between senescence (cellular and actuarial) and cancer incidence