Kevin Lhoste
MakerLab Project Manager
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SDG School 2019
A hands-on summer school to build impacting solutions for the SDGs
BreMo - Breast Health in Nepal
To promote awareness about breast cancer, especially self-check to rural, and/or inaccessible communities (especially in Nepal). Objectives of this project are 2 fold: a) to develop and test an app based intervention in Nepal to evaluate "Theory of change" based behaviour change, b) Develop and test frugal, DIY interventions like 3d breast phantoms to promote proper self-check training.
Research Unit: Learning Transitions
Learning about transitions & transitions of learning
High Intensity Photobiology with Custom LED Arrays
What happens to living cells when they are exposed to visible light at extremely high intensities and precise wavelengths?
Where anybody can prototype using motion sensing for health, education, sport
Cassandralgea makerlab project
The main purpose was to study the effects of different colors on Chlamydomonas behavior
Portable Peritoneal Dialysis Machine
Develop a low-cost and portable Peritoneal Dialysis Machine for resource poor settings
SDG Summerschools
Apprendre, tout en faisant, comment appréhender les enjeux de soutenabilité dans un cadre international
Music Accessibility
Help people with limb differences to access to play music
The Movuino Case
Create a basic accessory for the Movuino board that was developed in CRI.
La Bubble Safe
Au service des ambulanciers et des malades de la COVID-19 !
Helping university students reduce their anxiety levels by providing them with calm breathing patterns through vibrations and raising their habitual breath awareness.
GMO Detective - DIY Fluorescence Detector
Make a frugal FLuorescence detector for GMO Detective project