Selim Benslama
Alumni Licence FdV - Promo Carbone - Master AIRE Digital Track
I am an M2 Digital Track AIRE student.
Selim's Bio


Interests: Biology, Neuroscience, Cognitive Sciences, Computer Sciences, BioInformatics

Projects : 

  • L1 Internship: Neuroscience lab ENS ULM 
  • L2 Summer: Cri Labs Summer School
  • L3:
  1. Exchange Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  2. Internship in BioInformatics at the Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique


  • Master AIRE - Digital track (CRI)

I'm highly interested by data science, anything neuroscience related, I meditate on a regular basis and my favorite activity is kitesurfing.

Digital Society
How do digital technologies impact the world of yesterday, today and tomorrow ?
Low Tech - Low Cost Microscope
Make a globally available, low cost and low tech microscope with decent specs.
défi chimie agar agar
réalisation de deux TP de chimie de 2 heures pour des etudiants de licence 1 par des etudiants de licence 2