Jacques Chartier-Kastler
Alumni Licence FdV - Promo Carbone
Interested into communicating, researching and teaching about climate change & biodiversity loss. Searching my way in the environmental transition. Passionate about science, environment and energy. I created a Facebook page to raise awareness on these issues in May 2016. Unstoppable cook. Have been a theater actor and author for 12 years. Scout, therefore used to leading social-impact projects. Engaged in several NGOs, such as Avenir Climatique & The Shift Project.
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Alumni Licence FdV - Promo Carbone

Educating youth to sustainability issues
Low Tech - Low Cost Microscope
Make a globally available, low cost and low tech microscope with decent specs.
défi chimie agar agar
réalisation de deux TP de chimie de 2 heures pour des etudiants de licence 1 par des etudiants de licence 2