Important information : there will be no new student recruitment for the 2023-2024 year. Thank you for your attention.

What about our graduate students ?
After the bachelor

Opportunities post-FdV

Graduate students mainly continue their studies in master (80%). Students are admitted to Masters programs that reflect their specialization in their third year and cover fields as varied as ecology, science and technology, biomedical sciences, human and social sciences, general biology, neurosciences, or teaching.

Further studies
  • Master 80%
  • Engineering school 5,1%
  • Other bachelor programs 4 %
  • Ceasure year 2,5%
  • Medical studies 1,7%
  • Employment 1,7%

Statistics : December 2019 - No information: 5%

Fields of studies


What they think about the FdV Bachelor...

How has FdV bachelor helped you in your post-bachelor studies?

Interdisciplinarity, the ability to create links between different elements and adaptability. Thomas Recanzone

The bachelor allowed me to acquire working tools: organization, oral expression, written synthesis, adaptation, learning. Nina Guerin

It taught me how to get the information by myself and also gave me the opportunity to discover evolutionary biology in L2. Margaux Bieuville

FdV helped me broaden my horizons, and discover new fields, which serve me today! Hortense Vielfaure

FdV Bachelor has enabled me to acquire a great capacity for personal work and learning, to develop my skills in document analysis, critical thinking and group work, and has provided me with a foundation in scientific subjects. In addition, the last year allowed me to choose a stay abroad adopted in the continuation of my studies, which makes me very comfortable at present. Léo Houairi

What aspects of FdV Bachelor were you most interested in?

Freedom for students to do what interests them and find their way, interdisciplinarity, innovative project-based teaching, L3 abroad. Thomas Recanzone

Learning through research. Lina Vigneron

Group work, the link with research, the semester abroad, the plurality of subjects. Manon Curaudeau

The very supportive and friendly spirit of the class that was created among the students. The generalist scientific culture that it allowed me to acquire. Nina Guérin